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With over 30 years of combined staffing experience, our large team has the expertise to find the best candidate for you. All of our staff members are certified staffing professionals and have trained through the American Staffing Association. With our use of behavioral based interviewing and detailed skills evaluation, we ensure that your candidates are fully vetted and meet your strict requirements.


We can handle both small and large volumes with our largely staffed team that can focus on your needs.

We source the best candidates for you

Choose the responsive, professional, and experienced company that offers flexible and scalable staffing solutions.

• Here at RennickBarrett

  Recruiting Inc., we work

  on staff to executive C-suite positions.

• We locate and recruit the highest

  qualified candidates nationwide.

• We maintain these networks of

  professionals in our areas of


What we do

We find the highest quality candidates by our multiple layered recruitment process. We source our candidates through in-person and telephone interviews, online applications, in addition to various social media platforms. To ensure the quality of our candidates we also perform skills testing, behavioral assessments, and stringent background checks. This is performed for all of our talent. We use the online service, "Prove It!" and we E-verify our candidates to determine eligibility of candidates to work in the United States through the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.



We do a thorough job so you don't have to.



Here at RennickBarrett Recruiting Inc., we are your human resources link for support during changing market conditions. If you are looking to reduce your hiring costs or you need to expand your workforce, or a combination of both - we can help. We provide flexible staffing services by using state of the art solutions so that your staffing needs are able to change with the cyclical nature of the economy.


We work to understand your particular needs and industry, so we can create staffing solutions that work for you. Your company can gain the maximum benefits by allocating your own resources to build your company and concentrate on core business issues.


Contact us for more information and to get started. Experience the difference of RennickBarrett Recruiting Inc.

Our recruits will give you the business edge you need to move ahead

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