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To meet the needs of ever-evolving industry and the opportunities for innovation that come with it, you need to locate and maintain highly talented people that will drive your success forward. From mid-management all the way to C-Suite, it is imperative that these positions all be filled with the most innovative and talented people to jump-start the process in the global marketplace.

Staff your company with the best talent

Choose the responsive, professional, and experienced company that offers flexible and scalable staffing solutions.

We understand the global nuances and global trends that are needed for business to grow and innovate. Our team here at Rennick Barrett Recruiting Inc. has deep industry knowledge and quality experience to recruit the talent you need.

Experience matters in manufacturing

From mid-tier clients to Fortune 500 organizations, we help find the transcendent solutions for manufacturing talent in many areas including:

  • Energy

  • Industrial

  • Food & beverage industry

  • Medical devices

  • Consumer products

  • Pharmaceutical and biotech

  • Aerospace and defense


We focus on the directors, managers, C-level positions and

all staff and from a comprehensive process to find the talent you need for continued success. Our culture at RennickBarrett Recruiting Inc.

is a place for growth in superior business results - we deliver the tangible solutions you are looking for with highly innovative systems.

Trust our stringent process and broad reach

Reach out to us for powerful solutions.

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