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RennickBarrett Recruiting Inc. is a Master Service Provider (MSP) and is responsible for recruiting your hard-to-find labor and providing oversight for your contingent workforce. From account management to fulfillment to reporting and invoicing, we are your source for flexible solutions.


Because you work with a single supplier, we bring a high level of accountability to your labor program for results you can tangibly see.

MSP programs for your needs

Choose the responsive, professional, and experienced company that offers flexible and scalable staffing solutions.

We deliver a flexible program that is scalable for your needs. We can reduce your overall costs by hiring and retaining top talent for your industry. Here at RennickBarrett Recruiting Inc., we provide continuous process improvements to exceed your expectations.

Benefits of MSP

The key components that we provide your organization may include:

  • Supplier management and selection

  • Risk mitigation and compliance

  • VMS options

  • Diversity spend management

  • Reporting and metrics tracking

  • Implementation management as well as change management


We use Vender On-Premise (VOP) to help meet responsibilities of managing contract employees. We provide onsite support experts to work directly at your facility in order to work with the management to coordinate the contingent workforce efforts. Contact us for more information.

Key program components of MSP

Reach out to us for powerful solutions.

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