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The technology industry shapes the world - few industries have changed how we do things as rapidly as technology has. As a leader in technology, you face technical, managerial, and operational challenges. Additionally, this industry has intense competition with the pace of innovation the globalization aspects, and evolving platforms and business models.


Finding innovative talent becomes one of the biggest challenges to overcome and that is where we can help.

Technology Recruitment That Drives Success

Choose the responsive, professional, and experienced company that offers flexible and scalable staffing solutions.

Our recruiters know how to find the most experienced and innovative professionals from around the world with our large framework of connections that span the industry. We expeditiously deliver technology professionals who will provide the results you need to thrive.  

Delivering solutions

Here at RennickBarret Recruiting Inc., we understand both the regional challenges and global trends that need solutions. Our geographic reach and the depth in industry competence enables you to excel in a hyper-competitive global marketplace.


Our experience working with mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies allows us to find the transcendent solutions and services in major areas including:

  • IT services

  • Mobility

  • Software solutions

  • Consulting

  • Cloud computing

  • Application services


Our methods deliver results that will exceed your expectations. We are innovators - no one is executing the success in the recruitment field for technology as much as we do here at Rennick Barrett Recruiting Inc.

We are your trusted consultant that delivers tangible financial results. We are your partner in technology recruitment for the long-term success of business.

We have broad reach and deep experience in technology recruiting

Reach out to us for powerful solutions.

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